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A message from Dr. Kaniecki:

October 1, 2018

Dear SVP families,

As some of you may or may not know, I sent my baby off to college this fall. My two older boys will also be graduating this spring, my eldest from medical school and the other from college. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone and how they are rapidly moving towards independent lives.

After careful deliberation, I have decided to make a change in my life as well. I will be joining Akron Children’s Hospital in January of 2019, to help grow their Boardman practice. This position will allow me the opportunity to become more involved in community service as well as have more time to travel to see my children. I have dedicated over 13 years of my life, more than half my practicing career, to Sewickley Valley Pediatrics, so I will very much miss being here. My goal in practice has always been to treat everyone’s child as I would my own. This made my decision to relocate even more difficult as I felt as though I were leaving my own children.

I have cared for some of your children from the day they were born and others in childhood, through their teenage years and then young adulthood. I have loved all the wonderful families and I truly appreciate the trust you have placed in me to help you navigate through parenthood. Over the years I have learned as much from you as I hope you have learned from me.

My wish is that my patients will be able to build strong, ongoing relationships with one of my wonderful partners and associates at Sewickley Valley Pediatrics. I am happy to help anyone connect with one of the other providers to ensure a smooth transition around my departure.   I will truly miss all the people Sewickley Valley Pediatrics has brought into my life – my partners, our associates, the wonderful nurses and staff, the parents and caregivers.  Most of all, the children who made each day special ~ I will truly miss seeing the little ones grow up and the older ones finding their way, the puberty talks, the laughs, the hugs, the spit ups and drool.

Wishing everyone a future of health and happiness,

Vida Kaniecki, MD