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SVPAM has always been a strong proponent of breastfeeding.  We recognize that our mom's may need extra help, particularly during the early days as breastfeeding is just getting established for mom and baby.  In addition to our provider Certified Lacation Consultants, Dr. Jackie Saladino IBCLC & Susan Pointer, CRNP, IBCLC, SVPAM would like to introduce you to Jana Schoedel RN, CBC, one of our staff RN's. Jana has been with SVPAM since 2010. Jana now has the additional role as our SVPAM Breastfeeding Support Nurse. Jana obtained certification as a Breastfeeding Counselor in September 2014 and now holds the credential of CBC.  She is available Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings for any non-urgent questions/concerns related to breastfeeding. You may call any office ~ if Jana is not in the office, our regular clinical staff will take a message and Jana will return your call within 24 hours (within 48 hours on weekends). As a pro-breastfeeding practice, we are very excited to have Jana's knowledge and experience to help support our nursing moms!  Additionally, Dr. Jackie Saladino is in the process of obtaining Lactation Consultant Certification to provide another level of support in this area!


ImPACT testing = Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment & Cognitive Testing.  This test allows doctors to measure the severity and effects of a concussion & helps determine when it is safe to return to sports/activity after a concussion.

ImPACT is used as a 20 minute, computerized pre-season baseline as well as a post-concussive assessment tool.  SVPAM is now providing the baseline testing in our office.

Individuals ages 10 and over - hockey players, football players, soccer players, baseball players, skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, cyclists, cheerleaders, lacrosse players as well as recreational softball/baseball players.

To have your child baseline tested, please call the office for an appointment.  You will speak with one of our nurses who will ask assessment questions and schedule the test.  Baseline testing costs $30 and is payable only at the time of the visit.  This test is not billed to insurance or to the patient account.

ADHD / Behavioral Health Services

SVPAM has a long-standing interest in ADHD and Behavioral Health Issues. Dr. Pitcavage, the SVPAM founder, made this a part of our practice over 45 years ago before there was much information available to parents/families/patients.  Currently, all SVPAM physicians schedule consultation visits and provide on-going care according to standards/guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Primary Care (DSM-PC, DSM-5 version), Children & Adolescent Version.  

ADHD Care will include office visits, standardized questionnaires completed by parents/teachers (Vanderbilt/Conners), behavioral specialist referrals, coordination of services with schools when applicable and overall coordination of care as specialist involvement is recommended.  Medication use & behavior modification support for ADHD is highly individualized.  Medication is not always appropriate and we work closely with patients/families to provide care that is effective and appropriate for the individual.  After an ADHD diagnosis is made, particularly if the patient is on medication, patients are required to be seen every 3 months in the office and no medication refills will be provided if the patient is not up to date with a well-child exam or who is not following the guidelines for care.

If you have concerns that your child may have any type of behavioral health issue, please call us to schedule an appointment for such evaluation.  


SVPAM has performed allergy testing and treatment in our office locations for the past 40 years.  We employee an allergy technician, who performs the testing and provides educational support to our allergy patients/parents/families. Testing may be done through lab work and/or scratch & intradermal methods. 

If you suspect that your child may be a candidate for allergy testing, please call our office to speak with our allergy technician.  She will be able to answer your questions and recommend the proper course of action.

LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENCY (LEP) On-Demand Interpretation Services for Patients

Beginning in August 2016, SVPAM has partners with Stratus Video for on-demnd medical interpretaion services.  Stratus's video remote interpretation (VRI) technology will facilitate better communication and timely care for patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) and hearing loss.  Stratus Video is a cloud-based video remote interpreation service that provides interpreters in more than 200 spoken and signed languages for healthcare providers.  Through its state-of-the-art technology, Stratus empowers health care professionals to touch an iPad and within 30 seconds provide LEP patients direct eye contact with a certified interpreter who speaks their language.

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