Backpack Safety

Recognizing when a backpack is too heavy

Five Warning Signs Include:

  • Struggling to put on or take off backpack
  • Pain when wearing the backpack
  • Tingling or numbness in neck, back, arms, shoulders
  • Red marks where shoulder straps have been
  • Noticeable changes in posture

Good Back Packs should have the following features:

  • A padded back helps reduce pressure and enhance comfort
  • Hip and chest belt are highly recommended when the load is heavy
  • Two padded and contoured shoulder straps reduce pressure on the shoulders and permit free movement of the arms
  • Multiple compartments better distribute weight in the backpack and keep items secure
  • Items should NOT be hung from the back of the backpack as these can become caught in doors and escalators
  • Reflective materials will enhance visibility of the students to drivers at night

Proper Way to Wear a Backpack:

  • Distribute weight of the backpack evenly, don't let it hang off one shoulder
  • Use both shoulder straps and wear the pack close to the mid-back
  • Proper lifting and lowering techniques when putting on and taking off the backpack is also important
  • Pack wtih heaviest items closest to the back
  • Only carry what can be managed comfortably
  • The backpack weight should not exceed 20% of your body weight
  • Consider purchasing a backpack with wheels
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