WPIAL Sports Physicals

Each year there are many questions and frustrations with the timing of sports physicals.

The PIAA has recently revised their requirements for sports physicals prior to athletic participation. Sewickley Valley Pediatrics adheres to these specific policies.

As taken directly from the PIAA website, "Only physicals performed on or after June 1 of each year will be valid for sports participation for the coming school year . Physicals shall be effective, regardless of when performed during the school year, until the next May 31st." So, a physical exam performed 6/2/12 for the school year 2012-13 will be valid until May 31, 2013.

The student's parent/guardian shall be required to complete and submit to the school, Section 7 of the PIAA form (CIPPE Form) prior to the student's subsequent participation in another sports season during the same school year.  ALL PAGES OF THE PHYSICAL FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED TO OUR OFFICE for review and form completion.  If you do not submit all pages, we will be unable to accept the form and will ask you to resubmit as required.

SVPAM Physicians may require a follow-up visit for your child prior to a subsequent sports season if your child has experienced an injury, has a chronic illness, and/or has had a recent illness. These follow-up appointments are in the best interest of your child to make sure they are healthy and it is safe for them to participate in an athletic program.

Please refer to the PIAA website http://www.piaa.org/resources/forms/default.aspx for specific information ~ Link  used should be  PIAA CIPPE Form Sections 1-9 (No shading).   PIAA form revised 4/4/14 and available on the PIAA website effective 4/4/14.  


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