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ADHD at Sewickley Valley Pediatrics

SVPAM has a long-standing interest in ADHD and Behavioral Health Issues. Dr. Pitcavage, the SVPAM founder, made this a part of our practice over 50 years ago before there was much information available to parents/families/patients. Currently, all SVPAM physicians schedule consultation visits and provide on-going care & medication managment for ADHD according to standards/guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Primary Care (DSM-PC, DSM-5 version), Children & Adolescent Version.  In addition to care from our pediatricians, SVPAM is proud to be one of the few primary care pediatric practices to offer advanced behavioral health services, if needed, with our Pediatric Psychologist, Dr. Kristina Johnson.

ADHD Care will include office visits, standardized questionnaires completed by parents/teachers (Vanderbilt/Conners), behavioral specialist referrals, coordination of services with schools when applicable and overall coordination of care as specialist involvement is recommended.

Medication use & behavior modification support for ADHD is highly individualized. Medication is not always appropriate and we work closely with patients/families to provide care that is effective and appropriate for the individual.

After an ADHD diagnosis is made, particularly if the patient is on medication, patients are required to be seen every 3 months in the office with the pediatrician and no medication refills will be provided if the patient is not up to date with a well-child exam or who is not following the guidelines for care.  If medication is used, we are currently NOT offering electronic prescriptions for ADHD medications.  The written, paper prescription must be picked up and signed for in the office.  Prescriptions are written for 30 day quantities only.