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Quality Care for our patients is our priority.  It is our policy to offer prompt & courteous services to our patients.  Our policy helps to improve scheduling opportunities, encourages patients to call, send a secure message via the patient portal or respond via voice, text or email with our automated appointment reminder service to cancel their appointments in a reasonable amount of time which allows for better use of patient, staff and physician time.

Sewickley Valley Pediatrics defines a no-show appointment as any scheduled appointment in which the patient either:

  • Does not arrive to the appointment
  • Cancels with less than 24 hours notice
  • Arrives more than 15 minutes late and is consequently unable to be seen

Patients can avoid getting NO SHOW charges in the following manner:

  • Confirming your appointment
  • Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the appointment
  • Giving 24 hours notice to cancel the appointment
  • Responding to the Patient Prompt automated system when they confirm the appointment either via phone, secure text message or email (based on patient preference for notification)

After each no-show, our front office staff will place an outreach call to you so you may reschedule.  Messages will be left to call the office if they are unable to talk with you directly.

  • After three (3) no-show appointments in a 1 year time frame, you will receive a letter
  • FINAL no-show letters will be sent after the 3rd outreach attempt
  • DISMISSAL from Sewickley Valley Pediatrics will occur after the 4th outreach attempt with notification to the patient’s insurance company per their individual guidelines.
  • All patients will receive a 30 day grace period after the DISMISSAL letter is mail & will be seen for sick/acute type visits for up to 30 days after which time the transition to another practice should be complete.

Appointment Confirmation

Appointment confirmation is handled by Patient Prompt.  Patient Prompt will contact you at least 2 days prior to your appointment via email, text or phone call.  Please remember that confirmation calls are a courtesy; ultimately it is your responsibility to know your appointment date, time, and location.

Cancelling / Rescheduling Appointments

If you need to cancel or change a scheduled visit, we expect you to contact our office no later than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.  This allows us to have a reasonable amount of time to determine the most appropriate way to reschedule your care as well as to give us an opportunity to re-book the now vacant appointment slot with another patient.


If you fail to cancel the appointment in an appropriate amount of time or you no show, an appointment fee will be assessed;  late cancellations and/or no shows, a $50.00 fee will be assessed with repeated no show appointments resulting in dismissal from the practice.  Please note that Behavioral Health visits with Dr. Johnson will be assessed $125 – $140 fees based on the scheduled length of the appointment for those patients who fail to show or do not provide at least a 48 hour cancellation notice.

Double Appointments

Patients who no show for a double appointment (bringing two children in at the same time) will be charged the appropriate fees as detailed above PER PATIENT and will be restricted from scheduling double appointments in the future.

Saturday Appointments

Patients who no show for a Saturday appointment will be restricted from scheduling Saturday appointments in the future, with the exception of sick visits.

Patient Add On

If you need to have an additional family member seen during a visit already scheduled for your other child, please call ahead of time if at possible.  You may be asked to move the appointment to a time where both patients can be more appropriately accommodated.  If you can not let us know in advance, please let the front office know at check-in.  We will do our best to accommodate the added patient, but this addition may result in an extended wait time for you will the provider attends to those patients with prescheduled appointments.  Any applicable co-pays, coinsurance, and deductibles will be collected for each additional patient seen that day.